Oryx Advanced Materials has been making and supplying target materials for the solar industry since 2006 and has become a major supplier to the industry, in both planar and rotary application

Common materials for Window and Automotive Glass and Mirrors

  • Cu and Cu-X-Y alloys: Cu, Culn, CuGa, Cu-X-Y (planars and rotaries)
  • Mo and Mo-X alloys (planars and rotaries)
  • Cr and Cr-X alloys (planars and rotaries)
  • Al and Al-Si (planars)
  • W and W-X alloys (planars)
  • Pure Ti
  • Na doped Mo (planars and rotaries)
  • TCOs: i-ZnO, AZO, other proprietary TCO compositions (planars and rotaries)
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