Magnetic Data Storage

乐购彩票计划Oryx Advanced Materials is a leading supplier to disk producers worldwide offering a comprehensive products line served from our US and Asia Pacific mass production facilities。A partial list of thin film disk sputtering targets for longitudinal and perpendicular recording includes:

(1) Current generation PMR media:

  • C overcoats
  • SUL alloys (Fe, Co based 3-7 element alloys)
  • Ni-X-Y based interlayers
  • Cr-X-Y based adhesion layers
  • Co-Cr-X
  • Aluminides etc

(2) HAMR and future magnetic recording materials:

  • MgO and doped MgO
  • B2/L10/BCC type underlayers: NiAl, TiAl, CrMn

乐购彩票计划(3) Magetic recording heads:

  • NiFe, CoFe, CoFeB, Al, Cr, Si etc
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